Oahu is the your doorway to the excitement and relaxation of the Hawaiian Islands.

It’s likely that you will be arriving in Honolulu, on your Hawaii vacation before exploring the other islands.

You’ll never get bored, especially in Waikiki. Take a walk on the world’s most famous beach Waikiki, one place you won’t want to miss while visiting Oahu.

Rent a beach chair and get a tan. Learn to surf or float on the calm water. Whatever you want, Waikiki has it.

No Hawaii Vacation would be complete without a visit to this world famous beach. Visit the Polynesian Cultural Center just once and you’ll know why they call it Hawaii’s Favorite Visitor Attraction!

You’ll explore seven Polynesian villages on 42 beautiful tropical acres. See islanders reenact war dances and wedding ceremonies, rub sticks to create fire, carve tiki figures, wield fire knives, and climb four-story trees in bare feet.

When the sun sets, the spectacular night show begins the largest Polynesian revue of song and dance in the world, featuring over 100 native performers from all corners of the Pacific.

The fire knife champions and firewalkers offer dramatic accents to an unforgettable evening, including Hawaii’s most authentic luau, and winner of the coveted Kahili Award for preserving Hawaiian culture.

Maui, the valley island, on your Hawaii Vacation, is an island with many luxurious resorts and some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

A must do activity is a drive to Hana, 52 miles of hairpin curves through coastal jungles, this leisurely drive prepares you for Hana’s little sleepy town atmosphere and the unparalleled beauty of The Seven Sacred Pools.

No way are you going to miss Lahaina’s bustling wharf and its fleet of every size and shape of Marine vessel.

A walk along ocean front shops and restaurants to your hearts content and afterwards take a breather under the worlds largest Banyon tree, which covers one square block.

No Hawaiian vacation would be complete without an exploration of the archipelago’s unforgettable marine life.

You’ll learn all about an underwater ecosystem few surface-dwellers ever see as your sub explores brilliant natural coral reefs, sunken ships, and wrecked airplanes, all teeming with exotic sea life like sharks, eels, and turtles. You might even see a whale or two..

When visiting the Big Island you might want to bring along your skis, poles and boots.

Where else in the world can you go snow skiing in the morning, swim with the dolphins and sea turtles at brunch and grab a tan at the beach in the afternoon, and enjoy a fantastic luau feast in the evening.

Before returning to your hotel for the evening, don’t miss the submarine races going on at all the beaches during the full moon. (this excuse works better than the running out of gas story!)

Yes, This is Hawaii, The Big Island with big true stories to spark the imagination of your kids and grandkids for years to come.