The vacationer traveling in the Pacific Northwest Vacation region, will find themselves taking in part of Canada and British Columbia down as far south to the northern part of California. The vacationer beginning at the Pacific Ocean, will pass eastwards over the “Rockies” and continue east to the “Great Plains”.

A Pacific Northwest Vacation includes seeing the string of volcanoes including Mount St Helens, and Mount Rainier, the spectacular gorge and falls of the Columbia River, and a unique rainforest, to name a few. Glaciers to desert country, the interested and adventurous traveler will find a lot more lies beyond these natural attractions.

Traveling down into Washington, a Pacific Northwest vacation will include the San Juan Islands, home to sea lions sea birds and seals, and year round you can see Orca whales swimming in the crystal waters or inland you can visit the city of Seattle. Traveling further south is the state of Oregon, Portland is the main city, where the northern section is a blend of beaches and rain forests, and as you continue to travel south, sandy beaches and dunes prevail.

The Columbia River is one of the major North American rivers draining into the Pacific Ocean. Originating in northern Idaho and southeastern British Columbia, it travels some 2000 km to the ocean, draining much of the Pacific Northwest.

On your Pacific Northwest Vacation take in Montana, which is a land known for massive mountains, expansive rolling prairies, and epic tales of raw courage and adventure. Historic themes underlie the state’s many and varied recreational pursuits including horse packing, wagon trains, trail rides, rodeos, and Native American Powwows. Montana also offers first class golf courses, downhill skiing, whitewater rafting, big game hunting and trout fishing. Accommodations are many and vary from quaint bed and breakfast lodgings and country inns to working, guest and dude ranches as well as luxurious resort properties.

Visit Idaho on your Pacific Northwest Vacation and see fertile valleys to alpine forests, from deep canyons to high desert mountains. The largest metropolitan center is Boise, which has a university, symphony orchestra, opera and ballet companies, and many museums.