An Australia Vacation is a vast land from the ancient rainforests and sapphire blue seas to the burning red deserts and snow-capped mountains, Australia is truly a continent of contrast and color. Its natural beauty and friendly people make an Australia Vacation one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Australia has some of the best natural scenery, the weirdest wildlife, the most brilliant scuba diving and snorkeling, the best beaches the oldest rainforest, and the oldest human civilization.

The Great Barrier Reef at the top of any Australia Vacation list, because it really is a glorious natural masterpiece. Also high on many tourist lists is Ayers Rock, as this monolith must have some kind of magnet attraction by the number of planeloads of tourists that visit.

Visiting The Great Barrier Reef on your Australia Vacation has one of the most spectacular diving locations in the world due to the diversity of the reef ecosystem, which has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years and has produced over 6,600 species of flora and fauna. In addition to providing habitats for many unique forms of marine life the reef also contains nesting grounds for the endangered green and loggerhead turtles and is a breeding area for humpback whales. The islands and cays in Australia support several hundred bird species, many of which have breeding colonies there.

Wherever you travel on your Australia Vacation, you will be stunned by the amazing natural and cultural attractions of this magnificent land. Australia is divided into six states and territories, each guaranteeing a wondrous holiday experience. In the north, Queensland boasts emerald rainforests and tropical islands. The Northern Territory is kaleidoscope of barren deserts and cool wetlands. Western Australia is the largest and most diverse state with golden beaches and towering gorges. In the southern part of Australia, Victoria is a cosmopolitan hub of theatres, restaurants and opera. The capital of New South Wales, Sydney, is Australia’s largest city, has the Opera House and Harbor Bridge which attracts many tourists. South Australia is renowned for its serene landscape and wineries. In the Australian Capital Territory, Canberra is the capital of Australia and the centre of Australia’s Government. Tasmania offers magnificent scenery with steep mountains, narrow river valleys and thundering waterfalls.